Craft exceptional articles – without writing any.

Imagine a stream of fine-tuned, SEO-friendly blog posts, landing right on your Shopify store dashboard.
Provide the URL and start generating unique, tailored content for your site, at scale.
No endless edits, no lost hours — just quality articles, ready when you are.
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The old way

Is this the most effective way
to create your SEO content?

Manual methods or tools that aren't fit for purpose
can do more harm than good.

Hand-written content is expensive and takes time

While manual content creation offers quality, it comes with its own set of challenges.

Person reviewing an AI-generated blog post on a laptop
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High costs

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Limited scalability

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SEO knowledge required

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Lack of automation

Most content generators don't deliver on SEO

Many AI text writers (like ChatGPT) offer a quick fix but miss the mark on key aspects.

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Generic, robotic output

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Not designed for e-commerce

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Short-form limitations

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Prone to plagiarism

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Multi-tool hassle, no API for scaling

How much is it costing
your business?

The cost of ineffective content strategies isn't just about money; it's about missed opportunities and stunted growth.
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Lost traffic and revenue opportunities

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Slower return on investment

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Inefficient use of time and resources

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Lost competitive advantage

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Multiple tool expenses

The new way

What if you could multiply your
organic traffic
without the SEO hassle?

Hemiro creates unique, plagiarism-proof, long-form articles. No more manual work, no more juggling multiple tools, and no more SEO guesswork.
Step 1

Let us analyze your website
for tailored content

Start with entering your site/store URL or installing our Shopify app. Hemiro quickly analyzes key aspects of your site, like target audience or market sector, to tailor articles that align with your brand and industry.
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AI analysis of the store

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Determining tone and language

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Shopify app for seamless integration

"What if I don't use Shopify?"
No worries, you can manually enter your website URL for the same comprehensive analysis.
Digital dashboard displaying website analysis metrics for AI-generated content
Digital origami unfolding to reveal SEO-customized article elements generated by AI
Step 2

Customize article settings for
tailored SEO for your site

Hemiro suggests article titles and SEO settings tailored to your store. You have the option to customize settings like main SEO keyword, article outline, or output language.
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Pick from suggested titles or use your own

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Keyword recommendations

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100+ languages

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Set up outline, FAQ section, key takeaways

"Can I target multiple keywords?"
Absolutely, Hemiro allows you to target multiple keywords for broader SEO reach.
Step 3

Generate long-form blog
with a click

Click 'Generate' and let Hemiro do the work. Create one or multiple high-quality articles in minutes, ready for immediate publishing.
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2000+ word articles

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Generate tailored AI images

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Accessible generation history

"How long does the generation take?"
Article generation is quick, usually taking just a few minutes.
Single click button for generating long-form AI blog posts
Publish button for releasing a high-quality article written by AI
Step 4

Publish your masterpiece
in seconds

Your content is ready to shine. With a single click, you can send it directly to your Shopify store blog, or copy/paste it wherever you like.
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Fine-tune generated result

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One-click Shopify publishing

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HTML output available

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API for content generation at scale

"What if I want to include specific links in the article?"
You have the option to add custom links before publishing, ensuring your article is fully optimized.

E-commerce businesses are already scaling content like pros, when will you?

Try Hemiro now and experience the ease of boosting your content game.
If you're not satisfied, you won't pay a dime.
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Start for free: no contracts, no credit card required

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Cancel anytime

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30 day money-back guarantee

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